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Since its creation in 2004, INTERCORE has gone from being an mineral exploration drilling company with one second-hand drilling machine to a multinational corporation with fourteen drilling machines, with the capacity to drill up to 3,000 meters. All our equipment are current state-of-the-art models.

At INTERCORE we provide drilling services focused on the Mexican and Peruvian markets however, we are constantly expanding to other countries. We stand out by providing the best quality and professionalism.

Social Awareness

At INTERCORE we implement job placement programs in communities close to our operations. We promote local employment by hiring staff from the nearby towns, thus creating a considerable social and economic impact, as well as familiarity and empathy with the locals.

Environmental Awareness

For INTERCORE, environmental conservation is part of our social responsibility, which is why we constantly train our employees in the use of equipment and additives, and raise awareness of the importance of natural resources and how to minimize the local impact on the environment through a course called green training. Internally, we ensure that drilling rigs are in perfect condition, minimizing oil leaks and/or any seepage or spillage. All equipment manufactured by Cortech is manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 / ISO 14001:2004.


Our employees are our main priority, and their safety is one of our main concerns. At INTERCORE we train staff with on-the-job safety courses and provide personal protective equipment to each employee. All drill sites are regularly reviewed based on strict safety measures to minimize the risk of accidents. We also have a full-time safety officer who trains our staff on a regular basis.


At INTERCORE we constantly promote the growth of our employees. We have special training programs for all positions and levels, thus helping workers make their way up the ladder to reach higher position of responsibility, or other goals they aspire to achieve.

Cortech's Only Authorized Distributor for Latin America and the U.S.

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